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We will speak to you this morning about the changes that are occurring to each of you at this time.  As you speak to each other, you are putting together a picture of what some of these are, but perhaps we can shed some light on the subject.  And, yes, that was a humorous comment.

Many are discovering changes in their vision and hearing.  Many are discovering increased sensitivity to their environment.  The dream lives of most is radically changing and becoming more ‘real’.  There are literally thousands of combinations of these things that are being experienced.  We can tell you that these are only the very tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  If you do not feel any of these happening to you, do not worry.  The other nine tenths of the iceberg are most certainly going on beneath the surface of your awareness.

Most, though not all, of this is a result of the increased volume and frequencies of the light your world is receiving at this time.  You are entraining with this each moment of each day.  Even your scientists are discovering, though not sharing, that there are now additional strands of your DNA awakening, manifesting.

As more changes happen in more of you, more of you begin to change.  As more light is received on your planet, more light is on the way.  As you open to receiving more, more is given you.  As you rejoice and release your old beliefs, cares, and fears, you find more and more to be joyful about.  And you are becoming more aware that it is all happening inside of yourselves.  The more you become aware of this, the easier and quicker the change.

Many of you have lived for years believing that you must change the world.  This was a commendable goal, surely.  Now, please realize that the best and quickest way to do that is to receive and anchor into your world’s reality the new reality that is you.  Just as you are entraining to the higher energies that are being received, your surroundings, including your friends, families, and associates, will begin to be lifted by them as well.  We believe you say, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”  You alone are not a rising tide.  You, along with all the other millions of you, are.  And you are not alone in this.  We can also say that we, along with all the other beings in this universe, are that rising tide.  So you are indeed not alone.

Even though there are millions of you aware of these things, you must know that billions of others are not…. yet.  So there is much yet to be done.  You may find yourself with opportunities to make important contributions to change in your immediate surroundings.  That is wonderful.  You will absolutely have opportunities to make further changes within yourselves.  Do not let these pass you by.  You can make more progress now than ever before in all of your lifetimes since you entered this dimension.  Make hay while the sun shines.  We do so love your expressions.

Now, we realize that at the beginning of reading this message, many of you thought, “Oh good.  I am going to learn how to do this, or how to be that.”  Understand, dear friends, that in order to answer those questions, we would have to write several volumes.  Reach inside each and every day and you will write your own book.  Please stop measuring your progress by the yardstick of could and should.  You are becoming who you truly are and not what you see someone else as being.  You cannot yet perceive what those others are in their entirety in any case.  We promise you that you have not even begun to discover the beautiful perfection of your own being.  Do find that.  It will amaze you.

We walk beside you and respond lovingly to every request for assistance.  Please ask.  Until tomorrow, dear friends.

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