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We will speak today on the topic of the Venus transit.  Everyone is talking about this subject and we simply want to add a little something to the discussion. 

What we urge you to do at this time is very much exactly as you did for the 5-5-5 and for the eclipse.  A great many meditations were planned and carried out on those dates.  Somehow, no matter what the planned meditation was, many of you, perhaps I should say most of you, found yourselves seeing peaceful and loving transitions smoothly taking you into your new lives.  We say, do that again, dear ones.  In fact, simply placing your peaceful and loving attention upon your intended future will be enough to hasten its arrival.

You may also want to leave some aspects of your lives, some remaining fears or doubts, some restricting beliefs, behind as you move full speed into the remainder of this shift.  These things may pop into your awareness during your meditation.  Just notice them one last time.  Turn them over and examine them.  Decide that you no longer need them and release them to the light.

Now we would like you to fill the space that those things left in your consciousness with the light and love of Source.  Pack as much in there as you can.  There is plenty to go around.  Take a deep breath.  Thank Creator for the gift and return to your visions of your new life.

In meditation, reach out your arms and grasp hands with the millions of others who are doing the same.  Share your intention for a new peaceful, beautiful, and free planet.  Allow the energy of that to overflow into all the earth.  Some of you will see people changing.  Some will see trees growing.  Some will see seas becoming abundant again.  We will see that all who allow it will feel the immense energies of the moment.

You are further along your path than you can even imagine at this time.  But we tell you that the things which are soon to surprise you so totally are those that you have worked so long to manifest.

Reach out now and find those that you wish to meditate with on the day.  We will speak again tomorrow.

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