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It is time now for us to discuss the approaching full moon and eclipse along with the Venus transit.  There is much information on your internet right now about the astrological import of this time.  But the true import is what you will make of it.

We will give no specific guidance in this message as that is being taken care of in each moment and all of the pieces are in play perfectly already.  What we do urge you to do is to look deeply inside yourselves now and return to your heart center.  From these days, it will be increasingly important for you to live, speak, and act from your hearts.  It will also be imperative that you be connected with each other in peace and love.  This will bring you all the support you need, but it will also show you how very powerful you truly are.

See the smooth and necessary changes occurring now.  Bring the powerful electric blue light into your grid from the Center Sun, bring your intentions alive with it, and project them out into your world during the meditations you have planned.  You have learned well.  You have remembered well.  You have planned well.  Now it is time to see the results as done and to allow the power of the universe to work through you.  Allow it into you.  Allow it to work through you.  And have a grateful heart that you are able to be a part of it all.

You are living in immensely difficult times, dear ones.  And you are working miracles, both outer ones and inner ones.  Take stock on this full moon, also, and give yourself full credit for what you have achieved in your own life.  Give intention at this time, also, for the further changes you wish to see in yourselves.  See them as done and give thanks for them, as well.  Call on us for our help and you shall receive it with our blessing.

You are beginning to feel the waves of light and love build once again as the time approaches.  Rest if you need it and pay attention to the needs of your body.  Ride yet another wave as they continue to change the energies within which you live.  You have changed in more ways than you know yet, but it is becoming more and more apparent.  This is yet another opportunity to make a quantum leap forward if you so desire.

Once again we support you in every possible way.  Tomorrow we will speak again.  Good day.

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