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We speak once again, dear friends.  Our conversation today will concern your desire to know your future.  We will begin by giving you an absolute prediction of your future, one that will never fail.

  You will return to your Creator’s unconditional love and oneness.  You will bring with you, as rich gifts, all that you have experienced.

Yes, we know that your desire is to know something that is, as you would term it, a little more concrete.  But first, let us point out that your concrete is not the solid, unchangeable substance you imagine it to be.  Your science has at last begun to see this and the knowledge has reached very far into your consciousness.  Every molecule and every atom and particle are forever in a state of change.

Let us play a little today and discover why we do not give you predictions of your future very often.  We do, we admit, give very general ones that have reached the point of being probabilities, even inevitabilities.  But these do not satisfy your thirst to know the future, do they?  That is alright, by the way, because you are only expressing your immense drive for change and improvement.

We set before you now a huge banquet table.  Around the table sit seven billion dear souls waiting for the future to appear.  Ah!  Here comes Time, and he produces a huge needlework table cloth.  As he spreads it across the table in front of you, he announces that this is your future, spread out in front of you for all to see.  It is beautiful and perfect.  It has taken Time an eternity to produce and in fact has only reached its present state at this moment.

Now, dear heart, look down at the edge of the cloth before you.  You will see a fringe of delicate threads.  Please take one thread in your fingers.  Gently, or not, as you feel guided, pull on your thread.  You may pull up, down, left, right, hard, softly, any way that you choose at this moment.  Watch the entire table.  Do you see that what you choose to do changes each and every point of the beautiful patterns before you?  Let us also point out that there are now seven billion other souls pulling on their threads, as well.  Each is pulling according to their dreams, intentions, and understandings.  Now we present you with a little question.  What will the pattern look like a moment from now?  In five minutes?  An hour?  You can make some general predictions, correct?

Our point is that, in each moment, with each change that occurs, you who are the divine change-makers, are makings choices, decisions, and intentions which determine what the future will be.  Some of them will produce minor variations.  Others will result in great change.  All of them will lead you home.

We do not say that you should not ask to know.  Your curiosity is a product of your drive to know, and that is a wondrous thing.  But we do ask you to learn perhaps a bit more patience.  We can remind you of one thing.  Your present is a direct result of your past, and your future will be a direct result of your present.  So in a very oriental perspective, if you want to know what your future will be, look at what you are doing in this moment.  Of course from our perspective, since we see you as one, and we see far more than what you are physically doing, that is much easier to do, isn’t it?

We hope you have enjoyed our little game.  We will speak again tomorrow.

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