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Our message for today is on the subject of your personal awakenings.  You are being changed, physically and in every other way, by the frequencies that are reaching your earth from the central sun through your own star and planets.  All matter in this area of your universe is being affected.  The genetic scientists have not really begun to tell you yet, but some of them already know that your DNA is being changed.

Of course there will be physical effects from this, but more importantly for this discussion, your consciousness itself, which is what your entire reality is based upon, is returning to its full potential.  There are several by-products, if you will, of this expanding consciousness which will have immediate and far reaching consequences for your societies.  Foremost of these is your ability to sense the feelings and intentions being delivered to you along with verbal communication.  You call this empathy.  There is also a distinct increase in your powers of telepathy.  You will have noticed that there is no longer any serious denial of the existence of these abilities.  As you have begun, as a mass consciousness, to perceive and trust more and more of this new information, several important changes have begun in your relationships with your societies themselves.  You are no longer able to hide from yourselves, and each other, the truth of what you see around you.  The motives for what you are being told stand before you in all their self-serving truth.  This would continue to produce the cynicism which had been growing for decades, but other energies and changes have been occurring recently, as well.  These have reduced your fears and motivated you to change what you do not like.

You have seen monoliths like the old wall between your East and West fall.  You have seen more than one government topple overnight.  And now you are getting tastes of your ability to force change in major ways simply by showing your united intention.  It is dawning upon you in a powerful fashion that your unity is the most powerful thing upon the surface of your beautiful blue home.

We have been, and continue, pointing these facts out to you at every opportunity, thus reinforcing, as much as possible, the power and swiftness of what is occurring.  Other changes are beginning, as well.  They are starting a bit slowly now, but steadily they will spread to more and more of you.  It is the case that not only does more of the new energy cause more of these changes, but the changes themselves cause a succession of others, each building upon your acceptance of the last.  The difference in yourselves fifty years from today will be far, far greater than the difference between yourselves and the human of five thousand years ago.

You want us to tell you this instant what that will mean for you, do you not?  Well, my dear impatient children, we cannot do that.  Firstly, because you continue to change probability each and every day; but, also because it will play out differently for each of you.  Throughout your lives and lifetimes, you have each had differing experiences and made different choices of what you desire and plan for your futures.  What we can tell you is that your dreams are about to come true.

If today you were more awake to what is contained within your own consciousness, you would be in a better position to know what that might bring you.  Very soon, however, it will come flooding upon you, and with it the realizations of past and purpose that make you the unique and wondrous being that you are.  Could you but accept that wondrous, beautiful, divine being that you are this moment, all would change for you now.  But fret not, you are getting there at breakneck speed as it is.

You are finding your way through this uncharted territory very well.  We will continue to guide you at every opportunity whenever you call upon us.

Step forward, then through this day, and we will speak again tomorrow.

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