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Today we will continue, as promised, by adding a most beautiful vision of grounding into the meditation we offered in yesterday’s message.

You will remember that we suggested you breathe Creator’s unconditional love and light into your crown, third eye, and down into your heart.  It is at this point that we would insert a further step into this beautiful exercise.  If you can now, imagine the love and light of Creator filling every cell of your body and flowing down into your solar, sacral, and root chakras.  Feel it getting stronger with every breath.  Allow it to reach downward now, into your loving mother, Earth.  Imagine it becoming roots, a growing system of roots reaching down, down, and down further and further into the heart of your planet, reaching deep, deep into the very center of her, finding her crystal core and wrapping firmly and lovingly around it.

Feel this bond.  Feel the energy of the mother feeding the roots now and traveling back up into your body.  Each breath is now moving love both down from Creator, through you, and into the core of the earth, and back from her, through you, and to Creator in love and gratitude.  Now feel the energy continue to build until it cannot be contained and flows outward into the energy grid of the world.  Feel it expanding and seeking every place where light and love can be of help.  Send with your intent now more light, more love.  Each breath in, more light, more love.  Each breath out, more light, more love.

Feel it raising the entire energy field of the world into one of love and light.  See the areas of shadow fill with light.  Hold this for as long as you like.  Expand it as much as you can.  You will find it is not necessary to specify any particular changes.  The light and love of Creator is perfect and perfectly capable of raising all.  All you need do is bring it through you.

Allow, in deepest gratitude, that it make, in you, all the changes which are necessary or that you desire.  So will it be done in the highest and best way, for the good of all, if you allow it thus.

What we have done with this meditation is reinforce the energy flow that already exists.  It is one of the functions of your being here.  It is not new, but we love its beautiful imagery.  This circle that we established has been revered by many peoples across your planet for thousands of years.  You will find its symbols everywhere.

You will find much benefit in using this every day.  We will aid in the flow of love and light which you create.  Your intent to share it with all will insure greater benefit to yourselves.  Feel this, along with our presence, as you next center and ground yourselves.

Tomorrow we will speak again, dear friends.  Good day.

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