I am Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the third ray, the pink light.  We have not spoken in a while, but my energy and love are with you always.

Please convey to all who are striving on your world at this time my eternal support and gratitude for their efforts.  The chohans are all here now and we are involving ourselves in sending ever more intense light into your density.  You may sometimes see this as rainbow light, multicolored sparkling rays of light.  You may also feel the tingling as it reaches the DNA in your bodies’ cells.

The most important thing that will result from this is that your bodies will be able to hold more of the energy of your multi-dimensional being, your full self.  Some have already thought to invite this union.  Many have not yet thought to do so.  Please consider this my dear brothers and sisters.  You have been told that it is important for you to love yourselves.  And that is true.  I am asking for you to love your Selves.  When you meditate and pray, express that.

This is the end of my short message.  I will be content to watch the miracles happen for you.  We are very, very close to you now.  Please do not hesitate to ask should you desire love and healing.  We are here to support you in all things.

Be blessed in Creator’s light.  We will speak again.

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