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Our subject for today is the need for responsibility and the willingness to take action.  Both of these things were very necessary before any real change could occur.  We are happy to tell you that, when the need arose, you were up to the task.  Those who had the means and opportunity to take meaningful action did so, and we were then able to see to it that the outcome was as expected and needed.

Things are now off to a good start and the beginnings of the end are in sight.  Although your major information media are still not reporting the obvious, it is easy to see that the word is getting out without them.  Your social media and your alternate news sources have far outstripped them in the reporting of truth and thus are having a marvelous affect in changing the mass consciousness.

Millions of you are getting used to the idea of affecting change with the input of your own intent and imagination.  This is something that was to be avoided at all cost.  The knowledge of your own power was never to come to light.  Now it is too late.  The cat has escaped the proverbial bag.

During this next week, there will be a great boost given to all of this in many ways.  You have a tendency to discuss and perceive of these changes in one or two specific ways.  Please know that what is actually happening is far, far more all-encompassing than that.  Every thought, every action, every person, indeed every particle is becoming involved in bringing about the shift that you desire.  This is what happens under the Will of the Divine.  It cannot be otherwise.  Even the most strenuous efforts in opposition will be bent to the task and will only end up insuring their own defeat.

Momentum is continuing to grow and will do so until the moment when you realize that your new world is here.  This is always the way of it.  Every intention, every word, and where possible, every small action each of you can add will, in the end, prove to have been exactly what was needed.  This, you see, is why we are always acting as your cheerleaders.  We are almost to the day when we will be able to say, “Look!  You have done it!”  Remain steadfast now, dear hearts, and call upon us whenever there is need for our help.  We are never farther away than your thought.

For those of you who are using the suggestions we have given in your meditations, one last image.  When the unconditional love begins to flow out from you, hold your entire world in your hands.  We think you will enjoy the feeling of that.

We will speak again.  Good day.

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