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Good morning on this marvelous day.  You are feeling a new energy in your solar chakra and are wondering why it has just hit you.  You are correct that it is connected to this message, but not that it is due to the content.  We have always attached our energies to these messages, but now we are stepping up the volume and also attaching new frequencies and information.  You will find and enjoy the results when it is the best time for you.  This is true for yourself and all who read this.

As of this time, we, and I include all who are involved in aiding you in this endeavor called ascension, are pulling out all the stops.  It is time to do this and you have been well prepared if you have given permission for it to be so.  If you are just reading this now and are surprised by such a statement, do not think you have missed the boat, as you say.  Your permission will have been given long before this date.  Many of you are well aware of the change which has been going on internally for some time now, some more aware than others.  If you are among these fortunate ones, prepare yourselves now for exponentially greater and more rapid change from this day forward.

Many must be made ready to reach out and help those around them who are willing but need a little help, a little hug, a little nudge, or even a great deal of healing of healing and love.  Be ready to become able to help when asked.

We advise that your egos be not involved here.  Being first in some things does not automatically imply first in all, and in any case, there are no firsts and seconds in reality.  Consider it a privilege to have such opportunity.  If you are feeling these things for the first time, and are not sure of yourself, we tell you that, in truth, it is not your first time.  You will soon enough understand that you have a long history of this kind of service.

Look inside deeply and begin to grasp who you are.  Reach out to the loving ones around you and feel the deep and abiding connection of oneness and the compassion toward all which is present and building.

There is, at present, much confusion about what is occurring now.  Some is planted intentionally, and some is the result of overblown expectations.  We advise keeping one’s expectations in check and focusing on what you are able to control yourself.  In this way, you will never be disappointed.  There is immense reason to be excited now both by what is happening inside of, and outside of, you.  Simply encourage the first and observe the last and you will not be discouraged in the least.

Never before have so many of you had such an opportunity for growth and expansion.  We promise that the next few months will bring personal changes that will take your breath away.  Focus on these things.  That is your main purpose in being here at this time.  Let those who are involved in the events you are observing handle what they have been entrusted with.  Be involved in your own lives.  That is what you are entrusted with.  Believe us, that will be quite enough, and it is every bit as important.

There is an awareness inside you growing now of an unexplainably immense and powerful loving force.  Would we be amiss in telling you that you are feeling your own true self lovingly and joyfully coming closer and closer your awareness?  How often have you heard that you should love yourselves?  Now you are beginning to feel your Selves loving you.  Love them in return and see what happens.

We thank you for giving us the chance to speak with you this day.  Know that we are with you until we speak again.  Good day.

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