Jesus through John

Your awakening is a done deal.  Nothing can prevent it from occurring exactly as divinely intended.  Many of you are anxious, wondering when you will see some positive indications in the physical environment of the inevitable arrival of this momentous event.  You are all accustomed to drama – earthquakes, floods, revolutions, wars, accidents – and may well be expecting your awakening to be equally dramatic, possibly preceded by shocking or amazing revelations trumpeted by the mainstream media.

This is not the divine way!  God is Love, Peace, Compassion, Joy, Bliss, and any other loving Reality that you sense or feel – and every one of Those is experienced within yourselves.  The external world is illusory; Reality is within.  It is within yourselves that you will experience your awakening, and when you do, it will be amazing!  Looking outside is a distraction because it is an imaginary environment made up by…

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