Jesus through John

Love, God, the Source of all, is infinitely powerful, comforting, uplifting, accepting, healing, and inspiring.  You have been told this by mystics from various religions and cultures who have experienced and been overwhelmed by the presence of God.  And your awakening will re-introduce you to this blissful state.  It is your divine destiny and cannot be avoided, but only — if you so choose — be delayed.

The illusion has seduced you most efficaciously, as was your intent when you constructed it.  However, its time is past.  It is being gently dissolved so that you will awaken gently into eternal joy, whereupon exquisite excitement will fully engage you.  What you are to experience can neither be imagined nor satisfactorily described, as the mystics themselves have told you.

Nevertheless, when you leave it behind, you will have no regrets of any kind; in fact, awareness of what you experienced within it…

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