Greetings and Salutations;

Well, instead of throwing the money into the wind, be productive with it. Found this most interesting, considering the times and what’s up out here.

I know of many vips who are ready to do payouts to their down lines but they are being held until the rvs show and the people(us) are paid. Quiet as it’s been kept the euro zone has been handled and they are ready for the big public flip. A good reader could have read about the big deal in europe, this past week. I’m not the only person who writes in the cryptic. The point being the piggy banks are sucking wind in the countries central banks and ‘time’ waits for no one. Until one knows how to step out of time, without death, they are stuck in it. We are waiting for the public announcements that, we are no longer doing fiat banking and the new banking system is public, things just keep rattling peoples’ nerves. Politics has deduced down to lies, lies and damn lies, and they don’t even care if you catch them in one. Since when did the republicans like Clinton? I’ll tell you again, they are using the ‘mein kampf’ philosophy. Say something over and over again, even if it’s a lie and sooner or later the people will believe it as fact..that’s how hitler got the german people to believe the jews were evil and the cause of their problems.

If you haven’t researched this, many of the nazi folks came over here after ww2 and dropped their money into our country’s banks. This was to support the idea of the rise of the 4th reich. However, the dragons put the old kabash to that plan, simply by sucking the money supply out. You don’t have to kill them, drain their bank accounts. The bad guys need money to keep their crap rolling, take their money, and they find ways to steal the people’s. Or change the currency itself so, they are sitting with a pile of worth less paper.

So before you start pointing fingers and listening to jebby talking about his patriotic grandfather. Read and do some research.

Time to wake up to what’s been going on and you’ll make a better future by not repeating the past. What we’re all waiting for is but moments away from your door. Hold on to your shorts, it’s all orderly and no reason for freaking out…despite what your reading on the net. The bad guys are throwing so much crap out here thru ‘messengers’, no way you figure out who’s guilty and who’s innocent…but you Will know in a moment. By the way, there have been arrests going on for about 3 yrs now…many sitting on navy ships off the coast…others, already in the hague. Peace is coming around the world.

Love and Kisses,