Greetings and Salutations;

Not much to say, that already hasn’t been said. The messengers on the internet have been banging away, shouting the blues of a changing world, where no one can figure out who the good guys and bad guys are, just ‘opinions’. So I’m going to post some links so you make some inform decisions as your pockets get filled and you pass thru the door way into the future;

Now here’s the blow to the fed system and fiat money;

Bernanke can’t print anymore because the owners of the fed had the plates melted down in china a couple years ago. Look at the dollar you have in your pocket, I defy you to find anything with date beyond 2010. The military knows this because they helped have all those printing presses taken apart around the world. and the machines melted down.

Didn’t MK tell many of you, there’d be blood on the streets when this finally happened? Well don’t get your hair on fire now, as you see it happen. This is when you need calm resolve and a clear mind. Go to the sea or up in the mountains and let it all come together in clarity, the path you choose to walk as the new world manifests all around you. Even folks that know exactly what’s up in this world are tripping on themselves. What to do when the old world is disappearing and it can’t be recreated? Do a false flag like what just happen in the middle east and try and get the war mongering neocons back in office and try to get another war started. As eisenhower said as he left office all those years ago..’beware of the military industrial complex’. You’re watching them work ya right now, screaming..Patriotism!

The stuff is flying in the atmosphere and no one is escaping the angst. Everyone has been warned but many try to make it different than what it is, the speeding up of the vibration of the earth.This earth is going somewhere and it’s being masked by energetic veils that are like holograms, soon it’s part and all humanity will see. You’ll look up and see two suns in the sky and we’ll no longer be on the edge of the milky way.

That’s enough of that, stick a fork in me and plate me, I’m done. Have fun, see you later, out there in the new system of things.

Love and Kisses,