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Today is the day of your equinox.  We would not call it autumnal or vernal, as doing so would cheat those living on half of your planet.  Whichever it is for you, we hope that you are enjoying this day in good health and good spirits.

You are in the home stretch, the ninth inning, the fourth quarter now.  Pick your own metaphor.  And even though the score is on your favor, it is now time to bear down and drive hard to the finish.  Perhaps, all things considered, it is well to describe this as a marathon.  This journey has been so long and so taxing that just finishing puts you in a special category forever, the strongest of the strong, the brightest of the bright.  Reach out for that one more breath.  Take that one more step.  Remember now what has been told you, a moment before this race is over it may appear as if all is lost.  This is the time for you to decide whether or not you truly have faith, not in your religion, but in your selves.

Always, always we come back to this.  You came here again and again in order to find and polish the gem that you are.  You have found it.  Do not drop it now.  Live your life as necessary, yes; but in your heart hold fast and gently to the bright shining gem that has taken so long for you to find.

There are, and will continue to be for a time, many noisy and fearsome attempts to divert you from your course.  Give them no heed.  For most of you, it is unlikely that you see how many are influenced by your calm and steadfast demeanor.  You do not see the effect you have upon your family, even those who came before and you have never met.  You do not see the effect your one word or smile has on a friend three times removed from your acquaintance.  All this is true however.

Some are beginning to have definite feelings connecting them to the understanding of “We are one”.  This is the truth of it, dear ones.  And we, for our part, do not exclude ourselves from this One, even though you still do.  When we speak of ourselves as your brothers and sisters, it is how we see ourselves.  You are beginning to reach such understandings yourselves.  Do not allow your past conditionings to deny it.  All is One.  Learn to love all the apparent differences and every problem upon this world will disappear overnight.

So… to the equinox.  For some, it is the time to celebrate the harvest of a year’s labors.  For others, it is the time to celebrate the re-birth of life.  For all, it is the time, again, to give thanks for life.  We join you in this, and enjoin you, once again, to stay the course.  In the perspective of your time in this dimension, a blink of an eye is all you have left to go.  Enjoy it.  Good day, dear hearts.

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