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The progression continues.  The equinox has passed, and still you feel no let-up in the downloads and changes to your energy fields.  There will be almost no respite for you now other than brief troughs between the waves.  The ‘surf’ will continue to build.  There will be several more very large ‘big ones’ for you to catch between now and the end of the year.

The incoming energy/information has now reached truly what could be called flood stage.  Yet you really, if you honestly think about it, do not feel overwhelmed at all.  It feels to be just as it was six months ago.  This is a measure of your progress, my friends.  Your capacities have increased tremendously.

Our realm and yours are much closer now.  You are much more integrated with your wholeness than before.  Great numbers of you are having much more dream recall than ever, and are seeing much more significance therein, even though you still are not able to consciously interpret all of them.  Do not worry.  They are you speaking to you, and the messages are always received.  Some are having outward situations that are uncomfortable occur in their lives and are saying “why” once more.  “Why” is not the proper question, dear ones.  “Why” is that you need to finish the lesson for good and for all.  Look deeply at it.  Realize that it holds things you have not faced in yourselves.  Accept that and ask yourselves what that might be.  Listen for the feeling in your heart that is the answer.  Do this in the quiet space of your inner being.  We promise you that once you have done this, you will be able to release whatever it is to the Universe, never to bother you again.  You could liken this time to final exams.  Not to worry.  You will pass… if you wish to.

It is time also to look very closely at your true motivation.  You can step off this staircase if you so desire.  However, knowing this will allow you to be confident once again in your determination.  Always you are here because you choose to be.  Always what you feel is what you choose to feel.  Many do not yet understand, but opening fully and freely to what you have chosen, embracing every nuance of it, and expressing gratitude daily for it, are what makes the difference between apparently rough rides and those who skip happily through everything.

You can find the courage to release everything that is not good for you and walk joyfully into the future, but still many of you will not let go, feeling that it is better to hang on to anything, no matter how painful, than to trust what you cannot yet see.  There are, we promise each of you, those within reach of you that can help you.  Ask them.  Ask us.  You are not, no matter how it feels, ever alone.  When this ride slows down, you will discover that, in fact there is only ONE.

We will continue again soon, my brothers and sisters.  Good day.

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