Part One.

TAUK Messages

During a QHHT session on August 11th, 2012 I took my friend, Susan Thomas, back to a life in Ancient Egypt. She was a young man named Hirsim. As the conversation continued, he explained how he had access to secret rooms and knowledge within The Sphinx. He explained, as we took him to later times in that life how his job had become an overseer to a library where he and others copied books and stored these copies in a secret chamber. He also began a conversation about five High Priests who had unusual gifts. His purpose in this life seems to be a keeper of the knowledge. Here is that first session with Hirsim. 

Hirsim: Egypt. First visit.

(Suzanne) Can you describe what you are seeing? (Hirsim) I am standing in front of the pyramids, I am by the Sphinx. (S) Can you see your feet? (H) Yes, I have dark…

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