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Our discussion today will begin by our asking once again for you to notice the sharp upturn in energy this full moon is bringing.  You may feel distinct changes in your reactions to events around you.  When you are prompted to speak or act, please remember to combine your feelings of unconditional love with your desire for change.  The impulse to do something may be new to you personally and unfamiliar.  It is always best to begin from one’s heart center and proceed as you know your highest vision of yourself would act.  That way, when you pause to ask yourself, “Did I just say that?” it will be with a smile on your face.

As you may be able to tell from the previous paragraph, you are now going to begin manifesting in earnest the changes in self for which you have long prayed as well as some that you intended long before this lifetime.  The legion of true lightworkers and wayshowers is now about to reveal themselves and assume the responsibilities for which they came here.  Know that your Creator and ourselves have the utmost trust and confidence in you.  Give up your feelings of insignificance, of smallness.  You are a part of a very immense group that will not be denied.  Your word, your smile, your ability to cope, your inner strength will all count for far more than you can imagine.

If, at times, your circumstances cause you to feel disconnected or to lose sight of the goal, return to your heart center and call on us for assistance.  You cannot do this too often and we are never more than a moment’s thought away from you.  Most of you are able now to feel the presence of energy when you put your thought to it.  Know now that we are a part of that.  Reach out for us and we are there with you.  Ask for strength, for comfort, and it is yours.

Your dear planet is about to produce some changes which others will interpret in fear.  She is going to great lengths to make necessary adjustments that will harm as little life as possible.  The gradual build-up to what must be done should assure that most are aware of what is happening in their surroundings.  It is fairly certain that no one is truly prepared for all that will occur, even though much of it has been foretold.  You will see evidence of your history that will be impossible for your academics to deny any longer.

This, along with changes you begin making in your societies, should bring you confirmation that everything is moving along the path we have promised.  Many, many are awakening now.  Their added light will begin to give more impetus to the rising consciousness.  “Please return your seat-back trays to their full upright positions and fasten your seatbelts.”  We do love to have a little fun.

We will speak again soon, dear friends.  Good day.

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