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Creator of All That Is

Dear one, there will be no need to speak with Michael this day.  I have an image I wish you to share.

I remind you now of an evening you spent almost forty-five years ago.  You were walking along a stone pathway through the quiet evening in a large temple complex at the foot of Mt. Fuji.  It was deeply and reverently quiet.  There was the murmur of water running over the stones in a river at your feet.  You could hear the soft chanting of the sutras by many monks in their quarters.  There was a feeling of deep peace.

You came upon a scene of two young monks swinging a huge log that was suspended from two chains.  In front of the log hung the largest bronze bell you had ever seen.  With one great effort, they swung the end of the log into the side of the bell.  You remember now the feeling in every cell of your body as the deep sound reverberated through you and everything around you.  Spend a moment with that image.

On this day, October tenth, the energy of our unconditional love for all of humanity, and indeed everything upon your world, has, as it were, rung the bell for the first time.  It will ring again on the 11-11, and again on the 12-12.  When the sound dies down, meaning when you grow accustomed to your new vibration, neither you nor any other being upon your world will be the same.

Close your eyes now and feel with your heart for the presence of the love energy I am describing.  Do this often.  It is who you are, resonating with All That Is.  That is our short message for this day.

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