Greetings and Salutations;

More than anything, I want the return of my freedom, that’s only because I Know what freedom is. Not some political statement based on jingoisms, but the kind you know in your gut. Waking in the morning and proceeding thru the day with no, ‘have tos’ or ‘got’s tos’. Total silence, with no niggling worries about anything. What happens when freedom comes each day, you make decisions based on what you choose with no threat of somebody in a uniform ringing your doorbell with papers to serve for you to be in some court. Personally, I don’t think many are ready to live without arbitrary rules, hey need them as a guardrail, living without them is too scary.

That freedom, and not just for people of color is arriving for All people, white, black, green, or indifferent. It’s bad, when you’re a slave and don’t know it. When the cell door opens, you’re afraid to venture out. Got so used to the 4 walls, you thought that Was the world. You peer out and see no guards, warden, or anything else to detain you. I learned a long time ago, you don’t need a preacher or priest, to tell you what’s right or wrong…you already know. It’s a gut thing. If you cross your own knowing, you reap the consequences and You know it. I also found that wisdom was not necessarily in the hands of the grey haired ones. The young one’s are reacting to something that is pushing the envelope on accepted norms. They know, that everybody has been a slave to the plutocrats and they refuse to settle for the status quo. Yep, the 60’s are back..with a vengeance. They won’t even accept the ‘house’ religion, it doesn’t sit in their gut very well. Lolololol and these are the future leaders. If you don’t like change, better pack up now and say ‘Lord take me home’.

What you want to know is, ‘how much’ and when. The answer is easy; Now and more than you can imagine. This is humanity’s money and the future belongs to you. Not some fat old bureaucrats or skinny one’s for that matter and that’s what is frightening them right now. All that I’ve said is not news to them, they know their moment is upon them and they can’t stop it, no more than they can stop the passage of time. ‘And time is no more’. You’re about to ‘see’ what that means. Time to make like a tree and leave this crap behind. Let them argue for their limitations and walk away as they talk to themselves. Many of you ‘volunteered’ to assist this process and you’ve been doing bivouac, times up, now say so. Enough, and mean it.

Catch me while you can if you want a final consult, when my door bell rings, I shut up.

Love and kisses