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Our topic today is your continued evolution in consciousness.  We see new levels of light and understanding being reached every day now.  Your progress is building upon itself quite remarkably.  There is now no let-up in the increasing quantity and frequencies of light being sent to the planet and still your intake and integration is keeping pace.

Extraordinary amounts of trapped lower energies are being released and moved away from Earth.  More and more you are finding that your emotions are lifting.  Some are having last minute resolutions of deeply held fears, angers, or resentments being released and are thinking, “Why should I be seeing this again now, and why so strongly?”  Just recognize it and let it go, dear ones.  For many of you it will be the last of such things.

Remember, we have told you that some rather chaotic things may be seen for a while longer.  You are in the midst of that, as well, now.  It will seem for a short while as if everything is happening at once.

This is the time for you to make certain that you personally are centered and focused on your own state of being.  Breathe light into your system at least several times per day, even if it is for only a few minutes.  Ground yourself firmly.  Be as a thousand year old tree that has sunk your roots deeply and permanently into the earth, regardless of what is blowing around your branches.

Your energy fields are expanding now so greatly that the effects you are having are beginning to overlap with each other.  There are many, many more of you each day now.  The snowball you have pushed down the hill is still growing and you can see another thing beginning to come into play, momentum.  As things progress now, you will begin to see more and more results for the same effort.  But the best is yet to come, the inevitable effect of the Law of Attraction.  You are bringing to this planet an unmistakable match to what you are doing, being, and feeling.  Love will answer love.

For most of you now, there has already been enough internal change and perhaps even external evidence, as well, to confirm for you that the change is already in progress.  For the rest of you, we say, “Stand firm just a bit more.”

We shall speak again shortly.  Good day, dear hearts.

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