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Jesus through John

Among the Light-workers and way-showers excitement is intensifying in anticipation of humanity’s imminent awakening.  You are invited to encourage this because enthusiasm and excitement drive your intent, and it is your collective intent that will bring it to fruition.  It is your awakening and you are making it happen.  You have limitless assistance from your guides and angels, but it is your decision, your intent that makes it happen.  Allegory: you want to raise a corner of your car off the ground to change a wheel.  You do not have the strength, but you do have a jack.  You place the jack under the lifting point and pump the handle (intention to raise that wheel off the ground) and the jack (spiritual assistance from your guides and angels) will raise the vehicle effortlessly, and so your intent is achieved.  Maintain your collective intent that humanity awaken (mass meditations are…

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