poofGreetings and Salutations;

I must apologize for the interview that folks heard on the net, I have turned down many interviews in the past, this time I did not know I was being recorded so, I was little ‘blue’ for some listeners. Much info I have been sitting on for years and have kept to myself. When you Know the game and the players, you know the lies being perpetrated thru the media. When the info is given to the public, I won’t be one of the people shocked by what is told, I’ll be relieved. And my head won’t be exploding anymore with ‘contained’ intel and info. Just because you know something doesn’t mean you need to speak it out to the uninitiated that have no background in understanding.

I know the world you are entering but to explain it in detail, I would fail miserably because it is of something that is far from people’s experience. What they’ve been taught since youth. So, for some it will be like being a little tyke going to their first day in school. The bad guys in this world are in panic mode so, the venom coming out of their mouths and off their finger tips is at an all time high. They aren’t the first I have ticked off, that honor belongs to my parents. I asked too many unsettling questions, to which they responded by saying, ‘that’s the way it is and why can’t you just leave things alone?’. Now those questions are about to be answered, publicly. That’s why thy they are in fear of exposure. Don’t cry now, you didn’t cry when you did what you did it. Don’t expect to hear about the guilty and the arrested going out in the daily news, not time yet. Close but, not this instant. You can be sure their families know, they haven’t come home from work. Most had no prior knowledge their jobs were in jeopardy. So no chance to ‘set up’ for their terminations. The 60 at the us treasury were just snatched in the moment.

Before this all hits the ground, the rafters performed some operations to make sure you wouldn’t be going thru a bunch of crap once you went to the banks to access. It’s not like folks didn’t have plenty of warning prior to this, they chose to believe…it would never happen or that somehow they could stop it. Study long, study wrong. If your theory is wrong, sooner or later it will prove wrong.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe, not all that relative stuff. The creative force that causes all to exist. Pure unaldulterated love. Sometime Truth sounds mean…oh well, get over yourself. The warm and cuddly’s are over, time to put your big pants on and be the adult. Remember: 10,000 may fall on your right side, 10,000 at your left, but, not a hair on your head would be harmed. Could you be loved?

All is moving down out of the rafters right now, so chill out and let the screamers scream as you prepare to walk away from them. I leave you with this ‘tube’ to contemplate.


Consultations until the door bell rings.

Love and Kisses,