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Good morning to all, on this first day of your new age, the Age of Aquarius, as you have named it.

Many have awakened to feelings of bliss and cellular excitement as the building light continues to pour down upon you.  This is still rising to its zenith and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year.  Bask in it, bathe in it, and rejoice in it.  The effects of it will be far reaching and wonderful.

You will find that, as you become more and more used to the new levels of light and love, you will be more able to perceive in the ways you have, most of you, only imagined before now.  Allow us to suggest a few ways to encourage these changes to take place.

If you wish, my friends, to make changes to your chakras, your energy body, you must first acknowledge that you have such a body, that you indeed have chakras.  If you wish to absorb the love and light of Creator, you must first acknowledge that it does indeed exist and is pouring down upon you.  The truth of it is, of course, that it is the stuff of which you are made.  It is the stuff of which everything is made.

There are, at this present moment in the cosmic cycle, more sources of this energy aligned and beaming directly at you than there have been for many, many thousands of your years.  There is a configuration, in fact, which has never before happened.  In addition, there are far more hearts sending love and light to you than you have the ability to imagine quite yet.

Now, what we wish you to do is to take this picture we have just painted for you and hold it in your minds with love, gratitude, and acceptance for as many moments each day as you can, waking, working, meditating, day-dreaming, and even sleeping.  Just bring your mind back to it as often as you can.  Bring to it feelings, sounds, sights, smells, whatever you can bring to continue its newness and attraction for you.  Feed your dreams with it.  Create with it.  Yes, we said create with it, for that is what you do, dear hearts.

Now, let us end this little note and allow you to spend the rest of your day in enjoying this moment to its fullest.  We are standing at your shoulders.  Good day.

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