Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

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Welcome, dear friends.  Welcome to a world into which your birth is proceeding perfectly.

We have asked our channel to include a photograph, taken by a dear, dear one, which illustrates exactly what he is feeling this morning.  May each of you open to this feeling.

Some of you are now going to begin to realize the ways in which your places and efforts are contributing to the rise of the whole.  Others are about to see huge new opportunities arise for them.  Regardless of which of these categories you find yourself in, please be aware that you are an irreplaceable part of this greatest undertaking.  Yes, it would happen without you.  No, it would never be the same.

You, who are reading this, or hearing it, are indispensable, and always have been.  Nothing which has happened to you has been wasted.  Everything you have experienced, and which each of your brothers and sisters have experienced, will contribute to the perfection of the One.  Because, dearest ones, that is why you are.  This question you have flung onto the heavens uncountable times.  WHY?  That is why.  And now you are nearing the destination for which you have always been bound.

Now many, many more of you are feeling it than were able to feel it just days ago.  Perhaps you are one of those, dear heart.  Look at the picture above.  Do you feel that?  If not, you soon will.

Be ready now to answer the question, briefly, briefly, that you will soon begin to hear, “What is going on?”  Do not overtax the questioner.  As we have mentioned before, rather give enough to tweak his or her interest.   You will remember how, in the past, you have disliked unasked for advice.  Don’t give it.  Give the answer that is asked for and let it be examined.  The questioner is on the way and will not be turned aside, just as you were not.

This party is underway, beloveds.  Enjoy to the fullest the parts which you have been destined by your own efforts to play.  We dance beside you and will provide all the support possible.  Simply ask.

Our loving thoughts are with you each moment, as always they have been.  It delights us that many of you are beginning to feel that.  A new year is about to begin for you.  We will speak prior to that day.  Good day.

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