Blue Dragon Journal

Staghorn Sumac

Opening Up to Your Divinity is a Sacred Mission

by Eliza Ayres

In the past week or so, I have experienced nearly nightly visitations from various ascended beings. I am beginning to take this as a matter of course, but a few years ago, I would have questioned my sanity. Let’s face it – the role of being a Light worker on this planet has been a long, lonely road for most of us. We’ve been sprinkled like spare salt over the face of the earth, into various fields of endeavors, some as parents, some as singles, some gay, some straight, and in every country across the planet. Many of us have had to live with partners, spouses and children who were not awake and resistant to any change whatsoever in their carefully constructed lives. Others of us have been travelers, moving across the globe, some in groups visiting the…

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