Today we will speak once again of energy, but we will limit ourselves to discussing those energies which have been building for quite a long time around your earth to influence all willing beings upon their paths to ascension.  You know them, you feel them, and by now many of you have learned to invite and use them to their highest potential.


We speak of energies, and varying types and frequencies of energy are indeed present, but in truth all energy is at its base the pure and unconditional love of Creator.  Further, all is One.  It is to bring you to higher and higher realizations of this most basic truth that this flood of energy in such high concentrations is being brought to you.  To be more accurate, you are being brought into ever higher concentrations of it.  And as the energy signature of your planet and all upon her rise, you are attracted to even higher states.  Imagine a graphic curve which has traveled fairly steadily, begun to rise at an ever sharper rate, and has now headed almost straight up.  If that were a plot of your resources would it not bring a smile to your face?  Well, that is exactly what it has the potential to be.  It will be eventually that for each of you, dear friends, but we will give you once again a couple of nudges to help you bring that to be a bit more rapidly accomplished for you.


We remind you that you may invite and accept this into yourselves.  You may express your gratitude for what it brings you, seen or not.  You may give thanks for who and what you are and are becoming.  All of these things will make this much easier for you and speed the process along.  Dwelling on any discomforts along the way will unfortunately have the opposite effect.  But perhaps it is time to speak about a few other things of which you should be aware.


Many of you see others skipping happily along this path and wonder why you don’t appear to be moving at all.  May we offer you now some possibilities to examine?


Let us consider the easiest one first.  You may have a contract to fulfill.  There may be an agreement between yourself and another to help one or both of you to accomplish something in this lifetime which is not yet finished.  Quite often these contracts are not at all as easy to fathom as it would seem to your conscious minds, and just as often there is benefit to both parties, or in some cases we would have to say all parties.  In these cases, continue to do your best to be your best and to open yourself to the changes that are happening.  What will invariably happen is that, when your contracts are fulfilled, your built up momentum will propel you forward at a dizzying rate.  You are never forgotten, dearest ones.


More problematic, dear hearts, are those who on some level have chosen not to open themselves to change for one reason or another.  “Why would I do that?” you say.  Perhaps consider asking yourselves, “Why did I do that?”  Is it more comfortable?  Are you afraid of change?  There are as many reasons why as there those of you who feel ‘stuck’.


And you are not really stuck.  At some point you will begin to move if you so desire.  But if you really wish to begin moving now, you will need to find a way to confront these things within and see them for what they are.  Seeing them is all that is needed.  Once you have done that, you will take the next steps almost automatically, asking for help being the first obvious step.  Each time one of you dear brothers or sisters takes that first step our hearts rejoice.  That is when our work becomes really a joy.  But fear not, beloved ones, if you wish to make this journey, make it you will.  It is time.  The allotted period for this illusion to imprison you has reached its end.


We will continue our discussions soon.  Good day, and walk in peace and joy.



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