This morning’s message is critical to your understanding of your current situation.  I, therefore, am honored to stand aside and ask Creator to express it directly.


My sons and daughters of Earth, I speak directly to you this day in order to express my deep congratulations for your reaching this significant point in your journey, this that you are calling ascension.

You are quickly to find yourselves in a maelstrom of change.  You have actually been in the middle of this for several years now, but although we kept telling you of the changes, they were of such a nature that you were, for the most part unable to see them.  That is about to change abruptly.

The nature of manifestation is such that what might be visible to your third dimensional vision is what occurs last.  As you look around at the current cycle of events, you should be able to see plainly now the beginning of what we have been forecasting for some time.  It is not really the beginning, you see.  It is a continuation.  But is the beginning of what is perceivable to you.

We who see probabilities, cause and effect, and a view of existence that you have barely begun to suspect, have seen this for what you would term “a long time”.  I, as Creator, have determined the outcome of these events.  I also have determined that you may reach the outcome in any manner and fashion you choose.  And for each of you personally, at any time you choose.  We know you do not understand those concepts yet, but you soon will begin to.

My main purpose for stepping in today is to urge you to redouble your determination to see this through.  There may be some bumpy patches on the next stretch of this road, and I wish none of you to be side-tracked from your purpose.  If you but keep your minds focused and trust the process, all will be well.  As you see more and more astounding things happening around you, just check it off the list of necessary changes on the way to your ultimate goal of, and we will borrow this from one of your groups because we love it so much, “a world that works for everyone”.  Did you but understand a bit more, the everyone is a body far vaster than you can imagine.

I have enjoyed this opportunity today.  Fare well and be in joy.

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