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Today we will speak about health and what you term ascension symptoms.


The energies which are being sent to your  environment, and those which your planet is passing through, are causing minor discomforts in some, major discomforts in others, and still others, though few, are experiencing real pain.


Of course the differences can be attributed to several things.  Firstly, what is the condition of the body, mind, and spirit of the subject?  That is you.  How freely are you giving yourselves to the transition?  How rapidly has your higher self and your soul determined that you should make this change?  And do not overlook the possibility that there may be conditions which can and should be treated by your medicine.


In many cases, however, your medicine cannot find or understand the conditions you are reporting.  Pain and discomfort are signals, dear ones.  Either signals of the existence of a condition or of the existence of resistance.  The easiest thing to try would be for you to truly fling yourselves into the future with all your hearts.  So much for resistance.


But in many cases your bodies themselves are storing, unknown to you, fears, angers, resentments, resistances, and regrets from this life, prior lives, even those passed down to you in your DNA from those who came before you.  “Well, how in the world am I to deal with that?”, you ask.  We shall give a few suggestions.


To begin with, know that the unconditional love that is enveloping you now will eventually overcome all of those resistances and you will ascend if you have decided to do so.  That may be sooner or it may be later.  And patience is much easier when one is comfortable, is it not?


You may decide to go it on your own and, through your meditations and prayers, seek out and solve the issues for yourselves.  In this case, help is available through your connection to the Source of your being.  But we suggest you not be like the one who insists he will be saved by the Almighty and ignores the rowboat that has been sent to save him from the flood.


Lastly, dear ones, there are a great many “new” healing methods that have become available to you during these last years that can deal with these kinds of things in ways the your medicine has never learned to do.  We have put the word new in quotes because they are simply things that are now being remembered by yourselves.  They address these things through your energetic and spiritual side.


Understand that when something is cleared for you on those levels, the effect must show up on your physical side.  So if you are not wishing to live with the discomforts until they disappear on their own, then look for the type of healing that most resonates with your beliefs.  We say that because, although it may not be the most powerful, it will be the one which your beliefs will allow to work for you.  You can progress to another when you choose to.


Beliefs, you see, are things which you have constructed, knowingly or not, in order to protect you.  And in many cases, they can actually be that which is causing you problems.  They are very often not in agreement with what you think you believe in your conscious minds.


That may not sound possible to some of you, but we assure you it can be true.  As an example, you may think that you trust your Creator with all your heart, but then ask yourself why you resist change or spend any time at all worrying about the future.


So the final thought we would give you today is this.  Wherever you are, and whatever your situation is, there is, somewhere in your physical or spiritual environment, help available if you want it.  You can find it if you look for it.  You will need to accept it when you find it.  Ask yourself if perhaps your opinions do not stand in the way.  Or is it perhaps that you are proud of being a loner?


In any case, you are moving on.  And the truth is, you are doing exactly what you need to do in this moment.  That is because what you are doing will inevitably lead you eventually to where you have decided to go.


We hold you in love this day and will speak again soon.



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