Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey


Today we will speak about the impending sea change in your energetic environment.

There has been enough modification to your energy fields now that that almost all of you will know that something of immense importance has happened, and only those who are determined to ignore it will be able to deny that something of significance has occurred.  As we are…, I am… informing you of this now, just prior to its occurrence, please be in a state of anticipation and grateful allowance.  But please do not expect to awaken to a miraculously changed world.

That will, in fact, be what has happened, but the change will be of an energetic and spiritual nature.  We will remind you again that this is what begins everything.  When changes of this nature manifest, the outcome in the lower dimensions is, as you put it, “a done deal”.  This is why we tell you at times that things are happening and you wonder why you cannot see them.

Well, magnificent things are about to occur and many of you will see them, but not yet in your physical world.  However, as it has been said, for those with the eyes to see, the changes will have been made.  The tipping point in the energetic soup in which you live will have been reached, and not by some tiny, unnoticeable shift either.  This time, those of you who have become able to sense the energies of which we speak so often will know beyond doubt that something major has happened.

Meantime, there might very well be obvious problems caused by accompanying frequencies, unavoidable, but short lived.  Do not allow yourself to be panicked by those who love to build audience by playing on such emotions.  If problems do occur, they will be worked around, as always.  The end of the world is not at hand, even if it would sell product and bring more dependence on those who own your major institutions.

Instead, observe, explore, and give thanks for the internal changes you will find activated in yourselves.  Some are already seeing glimmers of such things.  If you are one of those who do, be prepared to help those around you to make sense of what they are perhaps not quite prepared for.  And for the changes you will experience for yourselves, we give our congratulations.

You have worked long and hard, in your waking and sleeping hours, and it is time for you to begin seeing some results and confirmations.  There has been a slight calm, a lull if you like, to allow your bodies to prepare.  We are about to resume the journey, dear ones.  As always, we hold you in love and light.  Good day.

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