Meditation will be our topic this morning.  Our purpose will be to show you that you can do this as well as anyone else can.


Simplify, please, your perceptions of what meditation is.  You have read and heard descriptions of meditational experiences told by others.  They tell of things which amaze you, and because none of these things seem to happen to you when you close your eyes, you believe that you cannot meditate and you cease trying in disappointment.


Dear ones, you have lives to live.  People, your children and spouses, depend upon you.  You have not spent a lifetime in developing this skill, and do not have the time to do so.  That is alright.  It is understood.  If this does not fit, and you are an accomplished meditator, we applaud you.  But the overwhelming majority of you will not be cave dwelling hermits nor lifelong meditators.  So let us dispel your misgivings and give you a chance to use this magnificent tool to move yourselves forward from wherever you are.


And that phrase is key, my friends, wherever you are.  It is impossible to begin a journey from anywhere else than wherever you are.  So here is a new goal we propose you adopt.  “I will meditate each day.”  It is very simple.  It is where to start.


You will learn more, just as you have in every other area of your life.  You may indeed find yourself at some time having those marvelous visions and experiences.  That this may happen is not important.  What is important is for you to find, in your hearts, peace and freedom to know yourselves for who you truly are.  And of those two things, we emphasize peace.  It is very hard to achieve that in your world.  And when you are able to feel that, you do, in fact, share it with all others, whether you know it or whether you do not.


Now, since you are reading or listening to this message on an electronic device of some sort, we tell you that it is perfectly fine for you to use the thousands and thousands of meditational sound tracks and videos to guide and help you in this process.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spend time each day with you and only you.  We add a little humor to lighten this up.  It should be light.  We are offering you a release and a relief, not a new chore.  You should feel, “Ah, now I can meditate for a bit.”, not “Now I have to meditate.”


Peace and self-discovery, make those the only considerations and you will have done wonders for yourselves.  Make this first step and we promise you that in very short order you will miss it on the days when you need to skip it.  And, by the way, do not beat yourselves up over that either.


Love yourselves as we love you and we will speak again soon.  Good day.



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