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P: Being the buddhist monk, the highest, the most prestigious as Dalai Lama, what is your take, description, explanation on the word “GOD”? “God is the purest. If you think in term of a light , it is the brightest light you’ve ever seen. It is the purest light you’ve ever seen. It is all the encompassing light you’ve ever seen. It is the most protecting light you’ve ever seen. The most loving light, nonjudgmental, because there are no impurities, to interfere, it can achieve anything it wants to achieve. It is not as some of the religions portray it. It is not a vengeful energy waiting for you to make mistakes, so they can catch you and send you to hell or purgatory, will punish you and that one of the things that God [to use in your terms] is so upset about. That these symbols of me are…

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