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dalai lama 2

P: What do you mean? “There may be an even higher planet, a higher ascension, but I don’t know… that just came into my head.”

P: We just keep moving up and up. Yes!Better and better. Yes! Purer and purer. “Yes, purer and purer, more love and more love and purer and purer.”

P: Out of my curiosity, can I ask about being a Dalai Lama, already highly evolved and suppose to ascend totally. As an act of love, is willing to come back and reincarnate into another body as another Dalai Lama, as the Tibetan people believe? “No, when I pass on,… I am just a prophet, just as Jesus, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, whatever (pause) whatever a culture wants to have, as their highest ruler,… as their religious figures. When I choose to come back,… I may just come back as a regular man or a regular woman…

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