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August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013




And now it is upon you, my friends.  This day, this 25th of August of the year 2013 as you compute time, has arrived almost unheralded in contrast to the great fanfare preceding the momentous dates at the ending of your last year, your 2012.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Creator Writings


It starts as a gentle stirring……a feeling of love in your being. It grows and pulses outward to everything and everyone around you.

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Beloved Ones,

Life upon your planet is changing rapidly as it moves into a higher dimension and octave. That which was familiar no longer works as before and many things that didn’t work before are now manifesting. Those who have held the vision of peace and goodwill in their hearts are seeing these qualities being reflected back to them in their daily lives in many ways. Those who make a practice of silently blessing others as a way of being are now beginning to be blessed in turn. Read the rest of this entry »

Jesus through John

Humanity has caught the “ascension wave” and is riding it beautifully!  It really is as though you had been standing in the surf, waiting for that special wave – that electrifyingly large one.  Then it arrived.  You caught it brilliantly, and now you are flying with it towards your most breathtaking and enthralling destination – surfer heaven, your awakening into Reality!

It does seem to many of you, to put it rather graphically, that “all hell is breaking loose” in many places across the planet.  Do not be alarmed.  The old order is merely in the process of disintegrating and pieces are flying every which way, as in an explosion.  When the dust and debris settle, a gentle peace and an uplifting calm, the one for which so many have been hoping and praying, will prevail.

You are on course and on schedule for lives of joy and abundance, totally…

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Johnsmallman's Blog

The oneness of all of creation, its interrelatedness can no longer be ignored or denied, and from that follows inevitably the recognition that anything that occurs affects all of creation.  But this recognition is a new concept for those immersed within the illusion and it has only very recently become accepted and acknowledged by your mainstream science, although many would still like to deny it.  It is an inconvenient truth, recognition and acceptance of which demands changes in humanity – changes in beliefs, in perceptions, in opinions, in behaviors, and in human activities, all of which require a large reduction in self-serving personal agendas that are endemic and which are a major indication of the sense of separation and the concomitant need for self-reliance that is, and has been for eons, the general human life experience.

Self-reliance as a human is a sensed need – a means to escape from…

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