I speak with you today in the joy of connecting once more with a friend and the joy of the opportunity of speaking with each of you.


You are now reading or listening to my words, transcribed upon this page by this one, and that is as needed for you at this time.  However, please know that the time is here for some of you, and quickly approaches for many others, in which you will not need to read or listen to anyone other than your own hearts.


It is not that I do not speak to you directly now.  It is not that you are unable to hear me when I do so.  Truly now, ask yourself if you think that you are able to hear me.  Do you believe that you deserve to hear me?  Have you ceased judging yourself and forgiven yourself for all that you did commit or may have committed in the past?


It is not that anyone has held you in blame, dearest friends.  It is your own feelings that stand in the way.  It is time now for you to search out the true feelings in your hearts and to find the way to release them from your being.  I suggest, if you will allow me, that you thank them for protecting you from your fears of facing the Divine as you are, realize that there is no judgment that will be rained down upon you, send those fears and feelings to the Divine for healing, and accept forgiveness from your Creator and from yourselves.


You are not blameworthy now and you have never been so.  You went forth to learn what was possible to learn, to experience all that was possible, and you have done so.  Much wisdom was gained through your journeys.  It is not necessary that you suffer separation from your highest and best Selves any longer.


The time swiftly approaches when you will know this, but it is our wish that, if you so desire, you know it even sooner.  Enough of suffering.  You can release it if you choose.


We stand with arms outstretched awaiting your call and aiding in your efforts.  Thank you for all you have done and are doing towards healing this world.  You are loved.


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