We return now to discuss what is happening for many of you at this time.


Your purposes, your abilities, and your perceptions of opportunity are coalescing into something which seems more possible to you than before.  What was once not even thought of is coming into focus for you.


Many of you feel surprise as this happens for you.  Do not be surprised.  Before the changes which have been given you, many of these things would not have been possible.  But now you are taking up the tools which your past experience and current intent have given you.  All of the talent you have so arduously earned is returning.  The vision may still be a bit fuzzy for a while yet, but it will clear.  Circumstances which you came into your lives to take care of, opportunities you foresaw, will appear around you.  You will be prepared.


Some of these may seem huge and daunting, some may simply seem mundane, but every one of them, each of your lives, is now and will be necessary to make up the whole.  This has ever been true and it is still true today.  So step forth, dear friends, knowing that each smile, kind word, and loving thought is building, more rapidly than ever, the world you envision.  And if you now begin to feel the pull to begin something new, do so with all your heart.


We will support you every step of the way.  Only ask.  Continue to go within and listen peacefully to what your heart tells you is your way, your path, your joy.  It is your time.


It has been a difficult climb for many of you to this point.  The path will begin to level out now.


We will speak again soon.  Good day.



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