SpeakingWithSelf_LogoHere are the contents of the sessions currently up on the SwS site with the appropriate links below them.


Session 1

Inviting the High Self to Communicate with the Conscious Mind, includes:
Question 1 – Give Me Some Understanding of How the High Self and the Conscious Mind Work Separately and Together
Question 2 – I Would Like to Know More About Opening to the Higher Self.
Question 3 – Please Give Examples of How We Can Communicate Easily With the Higher Self.
Question 4 – Closing Statement      LINK:  Session 1

Session 2

To Be In The Light of Love

Question 1 – How Can Humans Experience Love When There Are So Many Examples of Hate & Fear Surrounding Us?
Question 2 – Should We Imagine Life in a New Perspective?
Question 3 – Light and Vibration: What Is the Difference?
Question 4 – I’m Wondering How To Love Myself More.
Question 5 – Shooting the Breeze with God After The Session.

LINK:  Session 2

Session 3

Question 1 – How Does My Imagination Work?
Question 2 – How Can We Use Imagination to Live More Deeply?
Question 3 – How Is Imagination Viewed in the Higher Realms?
Question 4 – Please Teach Me to Use My Imagination for My Highest Good.

LINK:  Session 3

Session 4

Protection from Dark Thoughts, An Introduction
Question 1 – How Do Thoughts Attract Dark Energy?
Question 2 – How Are Dark Thoughts Different from Light Thoughts?
Question 3 – On the Topic of Dark Thoughts, What Can Be Done to Release Them?
Question 4 – Please Give Me Examples of Dark Being Turned Into Light.

LINK:  Session 4

Session 5

Opening Your Heart to Teach Yourself about Love

Question 1 – How do I Open My Heart?
Question 2 – How Will My Life Change When I Open My Heart?
Question 3 – “Opening My Heart” – Is That Just a Metaphor?
Question 4 – I would Like to Know What Opening My Heart Feels Like.
Question 5 – Shooting the Breeze

LINK:  Session 5

Session 6

Allowing Yourself to Imagine Your Greatness

Question 1 – Give Me an Example or Two on How to Imagine My Greatness.
Question 2 – What has Blocked Humans from Knowing About Their Greatness?
Question 3 – What Will Change in My Life If I Imagine My Greatness?
Question 4 – Please Give Us an Update of the Current Times, Especially the Chaos.

LINK:  Session 6