Are there others with you, Michael?

Yes, Yeshua, Mary, all the Archangels, all of your guides… we are all involved in all of these messages.  We always have been and we will continue to be.  We have used my name because more people respond to the messages when they can identify a source that they know.  And so, we will remain Michael for most of these.  Know however that I speak for all.

Thank you.

Let us move on to today’s topic.  We will speak to the new energetic field in which you find yourselves and how it will evolve from here in the near future.  Some of this information has been given, but we will restate it here to clarify.


You have now emerged from a rather significant day in which there was another solar eclipse.  This always brings modification of the field, and yesterday was no exception.  Think of it as having shed another few pounds of baggage.


So you stand here now, after many such events in the recent past, lighter, less bogged down in your old stuff, more ready to move freely into the new.  But you feel a bit disoriented, do you not?


It is OK, dear ones.  You now need a tiny bit of time to orient yourselves and let it all soak in.  You need to feel your way into all this newness.  There is much more still to come before the end of this year.  What will this mean for you?


Quite probably you will begin to do things, think things, and feel things which will surprise yourselves.  Certainly you will find yourselves feeling differently about yourselves.  That has been where we have been heading all along.  You are becoming the new you.  You have been doing so.  But now you will begin to see yourselves in a new light.  You will begin to recognize the ‘real’ you that we have spoken of so often.


Have you changed?  Or has your perception changed?  Have you taken on new things?  Or have you let go of old things?  Or is all of that true and more?  Well, the truth of it will be different for each of you.  But the outcome will be very similar.


You will amaze yourselves when this is all over.  And then what do you suppose will happen?  You will discover that it is not all over.  You will continue to change and amaze yourselves forever.


As we have spoken before, observe now the ways in which those changes spill over into your world.  Observe the ways in which it builds, and always has built, your world.  Everything here on your planet depends on the relationship with you, everything from your family and society up to the weather you live in and beyond.


And so, dear ones, as you change nothing can remain the same as it was, nothing.  It simply is not possible for it to do so.


So soak up these energies we speak of so often.  Receive them in gratitude.  And build the new earth you want with them.  That is what they are about.  That is why you have come.


We love you.  We are with you in your every breath.  We are in your hearts.  Visit us here often.  Good day.



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