Michael and company

You are in it now.  The great portal of which we have previously spoken through this and many other channels is upon you.  For several more of your days this will be the case.


You may say that it has arrived.  You may say that you have reached it.  You may say that it will pass.  You may say that you will pass through it.  Once again, as you attempt to describe what is, your words will fall short.


Does the sun actually rise?  Does your orb actually orbit your sun in a circle?  You see, your reality and The Reality differ, do they not?  Are you passing through light, through energy that is lying in the path of your planet?  Is light, energy, love, being beamed to your planet?  Yes and yes.  Will you pass through it?  Will you make it a part of you?  Again, yes and yes.  Is this or any other description the truth of the matter?


The truth of the matter will not fit into the framework of words any more than the truth of anything, meaning the totality, will.  Here is what is important.  You are in the midst of an opportunity to absorb and make a part of yourselves a great love, a great energy, a great light, which is offered to you now.  You may avail yourselves of something which, in this intensity, has never been available to you before.  You cannot pass through something which you make a part of yourselves.  How is it possible for you to do that, to make it a part of yourselves?  It is not difficult, dear ones.  And it is very simple, even though the result will be immensely complex.  Love it back.  With all your heart, mind, and soul love it back.  In your greatest possible gratitude, love it back.  Invite it.  Let it take up residence in every cell of your bodies.  If you feel, feel it.  If you see, see it.  If you hear, hear it.  If you know, know it.


It is indeed impossible for you to avoid it, but the effect it has upon you and your lives, at least in the short run, can be much greater if you accept it purposefully and with joy.  In the longer view, the truth of your eternity, it is your destiny.  You love short-cuts.  Why not take one?


This portal, this gate, this wave of energy is only a further step in the path that lies ahead.  There will be more.  There will be what seem to be waves of growing intensity.  They will seem as waves because, as always, you will need times to rest and adjust.  But this which you are in at this time is truly a loving and joyous opportunity not to be missed. Throw your arms open wide and make the most of it.  And if you feel us doing the same and dancing with you, so be it.


Let the love and light of your earth and her people shine brighter.  Good day.



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