amartin***This is my first message transcribed from a group of souls calling themselves “The Lighted Ones”. For those of you who have been reading my progress thus far, I am compelled to clarify a few points. It was revealed to me that AAMichael was brought in to oversee the cleaning up and fine tuning of my connection to this group. I have an affinity with AAMichael and he knew that the changes I have gone through this past week would be easier for me to accept and believe if he was involved. He has been managing this transition and this morning he stepped aside so that my connection with The Lighted Ones could commence. My first experience of translating the information was very interesting in that there were SO many typos and mistakes. I took piano lessons for about 13 years when I was a kid. Those years of piano gave me dexterity and speed with typing that is pretty impressive. I generally have very few mistakes when I type, yet as I typed this message, it was indeed clunky and slow. My body was still twitchy and glitchy as I was typing this and my crown was tingling like crazy! So here it is…my first channeling from The Lighted Ones. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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