Michael and the Councils of Higher Selves

We will speak today on a topic which we believe will bring new hope to many.  Many of you have been immersed for several days now in what must appear to you like utter chaos.  It will have seemed to you as if not only your worlds, but the entire world has been turned on its ear.  Let us discuss this phenomenon.

You will remember much discussion in the past regarding the influx of new energies and their effect upon you.  We have talked of the raising of your own energy frequency and how it would bring up things from within to be cleared and released.  All of those trusted channels with whom we communicate have spoken of this often.  It is the case now that the tipping point has been reached and surpassed for many of you.  A great load of baggage that you needed to be rid of has come to the surface and you may now let it go for good.  Do not go to ‘Baggage Claim’.  Just throw away your ticket and leave it where it lays.

Now, assuming that you do that, what happens next?  Well, that shiny new self that you have been trying so hard to construct will begin to surface now.  Let that self come out to play.  It may not feel exactly comfortable to you at fist.  No change ever does.  You may actually be surprised at some things you might say or do.  But some changes do not take long to become accustomed to because they are so very welcome.  This is one of those.  Be prepared to claim more of the good, loving, and happy things in yourself for yourself.  Be prepared to like you.

This does not mean that all will be peaceful around you forever more.  We will tell you now that great and momentous alignments are still on your horizon.  These reflect the conditions of your collective consciousness and will bring greater change yet.  This will still be a tumultuous year.  But it will be a period you will be very happy to have gone through when all is said and done.  Many speak of all the things that they want to happen.  Many speak of those things as if they can happen overnight.  Even so, it should be obvious that were that to happen, you would be in for an impossibly wild ride.  You should feel grateful that things will not be quite so dramatic as that.

We tell you again that nothing is happening without your input, even though you do not have the conscious memory of it.  So you can be reassured that you are managing these changes in the best possible way.  Despite all the clamor for instant change, things will be done in a bit more orderly a fashion.  But they will be done, and the evidence of that is becoming more and more visible, both to those who await it eagerly and to those who dread it.

Now, speaking again of energies, let us mention before we end this that there is an energy afoot now that is growing, it is unstoppable, and it will wreak great and lasting change upon your planet, and indeed this entire universe.  It is an energy that has been awaited for twenty of your centuries.  It has taken that long to mature in its effect, but it is here now.  It is in you now.  Do not seek it outside of yourselves.  How often have we said that?  But it is here.  We are working with it.  You are beginning to wield it.  Some have called it soft power.  That is as good a name for it as can be, although it has many others.  Unconditional love is another.

When we continue we shall speak at length about what that means and how you might best utilize it.  For now, take a brief respite after such a demanding few days.  You have done well and we love you and support you in all things.  Good day.

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