I recently discovered a transcript of QHHT Session 5 of the series that Suzanne performed on me prior to our launching the site Speaking with Self. When I read it, I discovered quite a bit of information that I thought you might find interesting and informative. These are some of the excerpts from that session. In this transcript, S will denote Suzanne, and SC will be the subconscious as defined by Dolores Cannon.

S: Okay. Understood. Has he carried that feeling… with him through all lives since?

SC: This one has lived many, many lives. This one has been involved in all sorts of things. When you are living what you think of as a current life, all of those things are stored in your consciousness somewhere. But what comes forward is what is triggered by the events in your life which, for the most part, are given to you due to your own planning and that of your counselors. If nothing happens to trigger those memories, then they are dormant. At the present time, however, because of the current progress that you have made, and are making, almost all of those things have been taken care of or will reach a point of not being important at all. We are in the process of… let us use the word “washing”. As you all absorb into your beings, into your very selves, more of the energy of your divine selves, these little bits of guilt and sadness and regret and…

S: Fear?

SC: …fear, little pockets of anger are being washed. If you are in a dark room and somebody opens a door and light comes into the room, it goes everywhere in the room. That would be normal. If, then, someone comes though that room with a brilliant torch, then no darkness can hide anywhere in that room. That is what is happening to you. I’m sorry. “To you” has the wrong connotation. That is what is happening for you. That is what is happening by you. Because you are co-creators of this event. This thing you must learn. This thing you must remember. It is not happening to you. No one is doing it for you. It is being done with you. It has always been so. The world that you live in, you created. The world that you will live in, you are creating. You have forgotten to give yourselves credit for that. You are more than willing to take the blame for that.

S: This “washing”, does that involve karma or is karma different subject?

SC: Karma, you see, for most of you, and even for most of those on the other side of your world, means the ill effects of what you have done. But, you see, the beautiful effects of what you have done are also karma. This one, who was a scribe, and who painted beautiful pictures, and who kept immaculate records, created karma; karma for being a writer, karma for being an artist, karma for… although he has never utilized it… karma for making music. All that is karma as well.

S: MmmHmmm…

SC: The raising of upstanding children… karma. Cheating someone creates karma. Helping someone creates karma. Do you see?

S: Yes, I see. Thank you for that. I think we tend to think in the worst light of the negative karma we create.

SC: There is very little of the negative left. It is boiling to the surface all around you. And it looks terrible, terrible, terrible. But think of it as the froth on top. It is what is underneath the froth that is so delicious.

S: And the froth is evaporating, would you say?

SC: It is, yes.

S: Very good. So that washing then, of the guilt and the fear and the anger and such, is that happening to humanity as a whole?

SC: Every single living being, whether it be a human being or a tree, every single cell, every molecule of that cell, every atom of that molecule, is made of energy, is made of light. And that light is being raised in quality and quantity and intensity and purity to a level which is affecting everything around you, everything in you, your planet, your solar system, you sun, everything in me. You see, if I change, how could you not change?

S: That’s nice. And why is this occurring now, this washing of those memories that we hold? Why now?

SC: When we created this beautiful place where you live, it was to be a beautiful experiment, a beautiful way for physical consciousness to become, to evolve, to grow, and to become divine. However, others who are not part of the experiment, found your place, and they saw an opportunity to serve themselves at your expense. And there occurred a detour of the plan. However, they were given a time by which… because everything, you see, ummm… you use the word “bad”… it all works for the greater good. And at a point they were supposed to have released you. Because their influence would have caused you to grow to a certain extent, and to learn to a certain extent, and they would not be needed any longer. However, they have not released you. Nevertheless, you did grow to that extent and you did learn to that extent. And then you and your planet and your sun, asked for, invited, help. And help has come. It is your free will, after all. And so now, the light is winning over the dark. You see, this image that you use, connotes a battle, connotes a separation, a difference. When you opened the door to that room and let the light in, the darkness did not perish, die, or fall to the floor. The darkness changed to lightness. And that is what is happening here.

S: Okay. So let me ask a couple of questions then. If that group that came in was causing others to serve them at their own expense, how did they get here? I mean, if everything was supposed to be so perfect and so great, how was it that they were introduced and were able to alter that plan?

SC: Perfect and great… is a relative thing. If we took those people, at that time, to a different part of the universe than your Earth, and they went to a different planet and settled there, they would be saviors.

S: How so? I’m not following.

SC: Well, in a world where there is polarity; up and down, good and bad, black and white, as you think of it, that other planet would be far less evolved than they were, and what they brought to that planet would be…

S: Superior.

SC: Superior in all ways. When they came here, they were more evolved than you were. When they came here, you thought they were gods. To this day you remember their names. You were more than happy to give them what they asked for in return for what they gave you. They brought with them farming. They brought with them writing. Thy brought with them what you call civilization. Not that you had never had civilization before, but you have had civilizations that you tended to let get out of hand, and things had to be started all over again.

S: Like Atlantis?

SC: Exactly. Now at that time, your world came very, very close to resembling another planet that you are currently exploring. BUT you escaped that, otherwise there would be two planets like Mars.

S: So Mars was greatly evolved, as well?

SC: At one time, yes. Before you.

S: Then things got out of hand and there was destruction?

SC: There was. And much of what you have now originated there… among other places. You are, in some ways, an escape hatch.

S: Well then, I can see where perhaps these ones with great knowledge, that really have, in some ways, brought great understanding to Earth… it can get a little muddled, with decisions made and opportunities taken advantage of.

SC: The difference is in that they put primary importance on benefit to self, and that did get out of hand. It’s not so much benefit to self as against benefit to others as it is benefit to self against benefit to the All. When you say benefit to others then you mean to exclude benefit to self. We don’t want to exclude benefit to self. We want to benefit the All.

S: Understood. Thank you. So, you also mentioned that they were to release control. I guess over the masses. How is it that they hold so much power that free will couldn’t override that?

SC: You see, they have free will, just as you have free will. And at a point, the agreement was made thousands of years ago that when humanity reached a certain level, they would cease their repression. However, their comforts are very hard to give up. You see, when you think of the world that is coming, and you imagine enough for everyone, opportunity for everyone, freedom for everyone, it looks like a glowing, wonderful, wonderful new world that you can’t wait to get to. When they look at it, they imagine that it could be, and will be, worse than what they have. You see? This is not true, but it is what they imagine.

S: So, what needs to be done then, to get their position to shift?

SC: Nothing needs to be done. Their position will shift. You have a saying; a rising tide raises all boats.

S: Oh, okay, got it. So the rise in humanity’s consciousness will bring them up, as well?

SC: They are a part of humanity’s consciousness. They may go kicking and screaming for a way; but eventually, they will slide, like everyone else, into the pool.

S: So, are the ones we speak of like the ruling elite?

SC: Yes.

S: Okay.

SC: It has not been told you, but, little by little this rising tide is eating away at the cliffs, and they are crumbling into the sea. What we mean by that is, many of those who worked for them have switched sides already. Many of those who are still working for them have not switched sides yet because they are scared to death to do so. Many even, who are what you would consider fairly high up, have begun to cooperate more. And this will continue. This will, in fact, reach a point very soon where there is no longer the control that there was. Already there is not the control that there was. If you look at even your own government, you will see information coming out that you have never seen before. It is happening day to day now. And it is even causing some people to say, “Wow! Look at that. That newspaper would never have printed that. That agency would never have done that. Etc.”  So you are very close to seeing a major turning point.

S: Thank you for that. As that turning point becomes more recognizable and experienced, how is it that people like Ron and I, others, lightworkers, can assist?

SC: First off, and most importantly, those who know how to care for self, those who know how to clear self, those who know how to bring into themselves light, need to do so to the greatest extent possible, because if they do not, they have nothing to offer to others. Having done this, they need to share, not impose but share, what they can with all those around them. In some cases that will mean they can share with twelve people. In some other cases, that will mean a person can share with twelve hundred people. But it is who is around the individual and how the individual is capable of sharing… they are who they are. And they are capable of sharing what they are capable of sharing for the very reason that that is who they are. If you are a farmer who can share your product, then there is no reason for you to beat yourself up because you are not the world’s greatest teacher. If you are a teacher, and you can raise young ones to contribute to society, then there is no reason to beat yourself up because you are not Bill Gates. You are who you are because you are needed where you are.

S: Every life just as important as the next, right?

SC: Every life.

S: Thank you for that. Um, I have a question and kind of a curiosity. Some friends of mine, L___ and C___, have had similar dream experiences that they call “being in the auditorium”. And Ron started expressing memories of dreams that he had that sounded extremely similar, although he was unaware of C___ and L___’s experiences. Can you shed some light on what that actually is?

SC: Yes. As you are aware, you think of it is as before you came into this life, you sat with guides and angels and teachers and you planned your life. And that is true. But the day you were born and they spanked you on the bottom that meeting and that planning did not come to an end. You return to those councils very frequently, if not every night when you go to sleep, or in the middle of am afternoon sometimes when you go to sleep. When you release your firm grip on… and I will put this in quotation marks… “reality”, you will interpret that, when you reach your awake state again, as best suits your own personal mind. You might interpret it as “I went to Spaceship ________ and I met with this off-world consciousness or that off-world consciousness and _______ was also there.” You may see it that way, if that is your mindset. The ones you have mentioned saw it as a large amphitheater with guides, angels, and teachers speaking from a podium in the center. Same type of experience, two types of interpretation. Some may come up with a third. What that is, is that as your life progresses, as further possibilities, probabilities, unfold in your projected future, decisions need to be made. And so, you return for advice. And so you return to make requests. As we mentioned before, these councils do not adjourn. It is the same as telling you that your guardian angel is on your shoulder. It is the same as telling you we are always by your side.

S: Thank you. Thank you for that.

SC: You’re quite welcome.

S: Just out of curiosity, do those who sit on the councils and guide us… do they ever experience life on earth or on other planets?

SC: Some have. Some have not. Again, it is a choice. There are beings in this world, in this universe, who do not have free will. It is not that they are denied free will. It is that they are so much a part of us that there is no other will to have. And so they never say, “But can I go live on Earth?” You see… picture this council. It is huge, this one we are looking at now. As you move down closer to the podium, you will see brighter and brighter beings, more and more conscious, more experienced, more loving, more knowledgeable, wiser. What you don’t see is that they are all one. In different stages of becoming, they are all one. So when you ask for advice or get advice, when you make a request and it is granted, you’re talking to yourself, you’re talking to me, just as you are right at this moment. You are not speaking to another being. There is no other being… unless there is.

S: Nice. Good joke there. I like that. I’ve read recently in one of Dolores’ books about this level of the Elohim, the Creators?

SC: Elohim.

S: Elohim. Yes, thank you. Can you explain that to me, please?

SC: If we say “All is One”, that is true. If we make a hierarchy, we can draw… when you have a company, you have these charts… with the president and the CEO, company directors and vice presidents, down and down and down and down. You make a pyramid of it. And you imagine that the spiritual side of the universe is the same. And there are angels and archangels. And there are cherubim and seraphim the power of which you cannot even imagine. There are co-creators who created vast numbers of universes. There are several… there are not several, but untold universes, in one of which you live. But as you go up through this structure even one step, if you go from where you are to the one you call Sol, your sun, there is vast power there. That being isn’t there to enjoy vast power. That being is there in transcending, loving service. How much more when you go to the next level? How much love and how much service must there be to be an Elohim? Who had a thought and it became a universe? You have thought, do you not? Thoughts go past you and you see a thought and you grab it. You make that thought yours and you expand on it. And you grow it and you make something of it. You make something of it that no one else has made of it. You are a creator, a divine creator, no less so than an Elohim. And your time will come dear one. You have no idea who you are. You have no idea who you will be. And you are all so afraid that you will find out. Do not be.

S: Well, thank you. Thank you for that. I can tell you, since reading her book, I know that it is not a new thought, but striking a memory somewhere deep within me, but just the thought of that word, Elohim, makes me smile and gives me butterflies in my stomach. I just want to know more and remember more. It’s very exciting when you’re having a human experience, to strike upon something that opens up something in the heart.

SC: Remember the room, when the light came in?

S: Yes.

SC: Your door is getting ready to open. Memories, knowledge, understanding, the very thought of a question brings everything that pertains into your consciousness. Not like having to sit in a chair for twelve years and hoping that someone will give you a scroll, right?

S: Yeah, right! This is much more of an interactive process.

SC: The thought of your sun will stir within him the thought of you. And you will communicate whatever you desire to communicate at that time, if there is something you desire to communicate. Now this may not happen next Tuesday, but it will happen. The ability to say, “I wonder what it would be like to visit such-and-such an island”, and see that place where that photograph was taken… what’s the word?… Bingo! You’re there. Your consciousness is there and returns the moment you think of returning. That is what happens when you dream, is it not?

S: It is.

SC: And do you ever go to a place when you are dreaming and never come back?

S: No. I wish I could sometimes.

SC: Right. So your consciousness will be, in a sense, more under your control, more at the service of your will. But is we had given you this twenty years ago, forget two hundred or two thousand, and we had said, “Whatever you think will be, instantly.” How many instances can you think of where you would say, “Oh no! Not this!”

S: It would be chaos.

SC: That’s why you invented a simple thing called time; because it gives you time to assess what it is you’re looking at and decide, do I really want this or do I not? If you move into it unconsciously, it gives you the chance to say, “Oh no! Not this!” and to change your path. But there will come a time, not so far away, when your…

S: End time?

SC: End time. Thank you. …when your consciousness will have, unbeknownst to you, learned enough and expanded enough, and have taken on enough light, that you will be able to control what you think. You think of a thought as something you do. Thought is something you tune into and receive. You can stay on that station or you can change the station. But because your consciousness will be able to see the possibilities of owning a thought and continuing down a path, far, far, far better than you can see at the moment, this will no longer be that sort of a problem for you, because you will be far more adept at what you think of to be making correct decisions, decisions which will produce a more enjoyable result, decisions which will produce a higher and better result for all those around you. Every decision you make, you see, produces myriad possible outcomes, any of which could happen. And of that myriad possible outcomes, the next decision will eliminate some and enhance others, and produce another myriad. So you can see where your current state of consciousness, much less your fifty or one hundred year ago states of consciousness, would have trouble encompassing all of those possible choices. But you’re approaching a time when you will see that vast landscape in front of you and be able to make decisions, more than that, be able to make the most of the decisions that you do make. It is not that you made good decisions in the past, or bad decisions in the past, because there will just not be that polarity. It is impossible to describe to you a world in which there is no up and down, left and right, or good and bad, but there will not be.

S: Okay. Well, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, for being with us today. It is always an honor and a pleasure to assist in this manner.

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