My PreciousSisters and Brothers,

This truly is a Grand Moment. We recreate the World together. As we shift thistiny planet, we shift the Universes. We bless and thank All who hold the lightof love and peace.

We also bless those who have brought us challenge as they know not the Service theyhave done for the Cosmos. They have stretched, defined, purified, enrapturedand invigorated all of us. And their selves.

You know the strenuous battle you have undergone due to your fears of self-judgment,the dark moments of the soul. Think now of what they face. They cannot avoidthis cleansing as All return to their Creator. In 3D time it will be adifficult Journey.

But as you send them love and forgiveness, look at the blessings they havegiven you.
They have stripped you of your spiritual arrogance. They have pushed you intodeeper levels of compassion than could have ever been imagined.

They have brought together Beings of Light from the far corners of the Cosmos tounify and know Oneness.

All this, these “Blessed Souls of Darkness” provided us as service to theWhole.

It would be easy in these days ahead to dismiss and judge them as we celebratein joy our re-union with Source.
And truly this is a Grand Awakening!

But look with me into the gaze of our Divine Mother. Where are Her Eyes?  You see them .
They will be with Her frightened lost children, those terrified and alone.

Blend your sweetness with Her Love to those who have helped you see the love and lighthidden within your being that you never thought possible.

In each of your Hearts, I AM with you. Know what joy that brings Me.

And yes, thereare multiple of my forms embodied now to bring in this Age. You certainlywouldn’t think I could just stand in the Realms of Glory and watch.

Well, My GreaterEssence does of course, but there are just too many dramas to taste to stayoutside of the action.
You will meet all of these Me’s. Butplease be still about it. I love my anonymity!

My biggest challenge has been putting up with celebrity. You think your moviestars have gone through hell in the grocery store newspapers. Try being the “Saviorwho takes on all the sins of the world.” That belief was a personal jab fromLucifer. He always was a scamp. We did go through the teenage play and tusslestogether. He often got the better of me. And I loved him all the more.

He took on the role of “Deceiver,” the role none of us wanted to play. And hewas quite good at it, you must admit.

So much for memories of my youth.

I embrace and enfold each of you in MyHeart as you always do with me.
Know that the battle is done. The Victory created.

It truly never was about defeating the dark but always about Awakening the  Light.

Namaste my Dearest Ones,