I have waited for a few days to share about my experience with Meeting Ron Head and the Quantum Healing and Hypnosis ( QHHT ) session. First I have to say, I have known Ron in many lifetimes..this was apparent when he stepped out of his was like seeing a long lost friend. One thing I noticed was that he never gave ‘advise’ unless you asked first, and then would converse with you about it. Drawing out the answer from ‘YOU’, in a way that turned lights on inside… A Great amount of Peace emanated from his face. A Knowing of his purpose is apparent… while he was here I felt Joy in the sharing with another like soul… I honestly have to say that it took me a few days to come back to 3D.. Ron Head, Dear Friend Thank you for sharing who You are on this quest across our planet..I have a feeling this is only the Beginning of your Journey, Onward!!! wooowhoo!!

My session was Very Emotion filled.. I started crying from the very beginning ~ and cried through out the whole session. I was first taken to a time in Greece, where I was a young athlete, readying my self for a track race, I was scared and wanted to hide behind pillars, I was in this race to make my parents and town proud, with notoriety. Ron helped me to jump ahead to after the race..and I had done very well!!! Being carried over the shoulders by many fans and sports enthusiasts… The general feeling for me was that I carry emotions of fear, in this lifetime.. the life I was shown was to teach me NOW to not judge others for who they are, for their journey is their choice. Allow others to Be who they are…do not pressure others. In that lifetime..I was in fear and had to ‘perform’ because it was what others expected of me. In this lifetime and still to this day I work on accepting this, and not doing this myself. In my voice during the session I heard and felt fear and deep emotions attached..hearing this has helped me in releasing the heaviness. I KNOW now that I have been connecting with my Higher Self all along. this knowing has helped me to remember ( for we have always known this ) to trust what my subconscious tells me. Each Day since my session, my intuition has grown, and I follow guidance with trust. ~ Just yesterday, I ‘felt’ to leave the cabin I was working in, to go and get a soda..( something I rarely do ) my path took me to a pair of earrings I found on the ground, I turned them in, and the guest was amazed they were found, they were very special to them. Meant To Be!! I felt this was an event to show me my ‘Hearing’ has jumped significantly.
I feel that connecting as much as possible with others on this Ascension Path, in person and via internet is assisting with Leaps and Bounds across the Universe, the Growing Light is Healing us All. And showing us Our Gifts Our True Selves… I AM in Gratitude to Ron, Suzanne, all QHHT Practitioners, especially Dolores Cannon, for listening to their guidance, teaching US to listen to Our Guidance. Together we will ALL Become ONE with Creator. As Creators, we are Showing the Way to Be in this New Age of Love and Light…Thank YOU!!!! I know each Day more will be shown to me..and I will share it as it comes…