QhhtLogoQUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS THERAPY                              Developed by Dolores Cannon   PAST LIFE REGRESSION IN THE QUANTUM FIELD     Is QHHT for you?

  • Would you like to know the purpose of your life?
  • Do you want to know the root cause of your illness(es) ?
  • Are there recurring themes in relationships that you want to understand?

A QUANTUM HEALING SESSION IS… LIFE TRANSFORMING! …It is POWERFUL! …It GOES DEEP!   You have always wanted to speak with the wisest person in the Universe – yes? The one who knows everything about you, the one who loves you unconditionally!   The MASTER is IN and it is YOU! Let your own higher-self provide your answers…   COME TO MODESTO CALIFORNIA AND EXPERIENCE QHHT Individual sessions are being scheduled now for November 17,18,19, 20,21 and,22. Each session lasts up to 5 hours; one person per day. RESERVE YOUR SESSION Now.   me b&w_optRon Head is an advanced practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. He has dedicated his life to helping humanity progress on our journey through this life. To that end he travels across the country to facilitate QHHT sessions. Ron is also a channel who publishes messages from several sources. For more info: www.ronheadqhht.com/#!links/c1yng     Reserve your QHHT session with your deposit at www.ronheadqhht.com. Save $50 if you pay the full amount in advance or remit a $50 nonrefundable deposit via PayPal to rhead4541@gmail.com, then call RayNelle at 805-216-2881 or email raynellew@gmail.com to select your date and receive instructions.   To learn more about QHHT visit: www.dolorescannon.com