councilThe Council

Today is the day that the country of our channel has labeled Thanksgiving. We know that giving thanks is the daily, even constant, practice of many of those who read and listen to our messages. And we further know that those of you who do this need no reminder of the immense power of this consciousness of gratitude in your lives. We wish, however, to recommend it to any who are beginning on what you term ‘the path’.

It has been said that if one had only one prayer, and that one were “Thank you”, it would be all one ever needed. We affirm that to be very true indeed. As affirmation of this, we ask you to put yourself in the place of the one being thanked. Imagine how you would feel. Would you not then do all you could for the one being so considerate as to thank you for what you had done?

Now, while it is true that your Creator, as well as those of us you call guides, angels, masters and so on, will never cease in our efforts in your behalf, we do very much appreciate your acknowledgment of those efforts. And if it is possible to imagine us redoubling the light, love, and help we send to you, then be assured we do just that.

On this day you call Thanksgiving, we also offer gratitude. We offer gratitude to the Divine for our opportunity to serve. And we offer our deepest gratitude and appreciation for those beings who are immersed, due to their own desire to be of service to the ALL, in the evolution of consciousness on your planet. We speak of you. We are in accord with your journey and will continue to aid you in every way open to us. May your efforts for others, and for yourselves, bring results even far surpassing your imaginations.

The blessings and light of the Divine be yours this day.

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