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There is information coming to you now through many channels and many of your sensitive writers, blog posters, and those on your social networks regarding a further increase in the energy, in intensity and frequency, as you move into this last month of your current year. This is true, and we would comment upon it through this writing, as well.

A part of the feeling of intensification that you are having is the relatively new aspect of activation of your internal abilities, many which you have been, up to this point, unaware of. You may have wanted to try this or that thing in the past, but felt that you would be unable to be ‘any good’ at it. We are not going to tell you that you may be artistic masters in hiding, although you may be. What we are wishing to suggest is that the effort to find out will unlock the energies of creation which may be left dormant and blocked by disuse.

You are creators. Some of you can paint. Some can play music. Some can cook. Some can invent. And we could list many, many other ways that you can bring new things into being. You will find satisfaction in these things which you may not have ever felt if you have not exercised these creative ‘muscles’ before. You will also activate a little thing called inspiration. We will tell you simply and directly that this is yet another way for you to tune in to the part of you that is on our side of what you call ‘the veil’. In many cases, the result may be something not seen before as you embellish upon the concepts and ideas that you find yourselves able to access. This you commonly call invention. World changing things have always come about in this way. And the environment or climate of that energy is enhanced as more and more participate in it.

So, that new recipe you’re thinking of will contribute. Do not continue to undervalue what you do. Do not continue to undervalue what others do. Celebrate yourselves and congratulate each other. Lift each other in every way that you can, every day that you can. That new world you want?… this is how you are building it.

Back to that energy which we see so many more of you feeling. Tap into it. Intention and attention will do that. Some of you will try to direct it. Some of you will allow it to flow. Some of you will produce Mona Lisas. Some will produce great pastries. Some will find new healing methods or new meditations. Some will think the results are not so great. These are value judgments. The value is really in the creating. Change something and create again. That is how new worlds are made.

As humans strike out into new territory now, we urge you to do the same. And we urge you to feel yourself as a part of this. Learn to think of yourself and feel yourself as a part of the whole and not the separate being that you have been taught to value so highly. Feeling separate has its costs, as many of you have become aware. Feeling yourself as a part of the All, that is something to aspire to. Do what you do as a contribution. It will be a contribution, but your intent is what will be important for you.

Good day.

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