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We will address at this time the more widespread experiencing of what you would term ascension symptoms.

Now, it appears to some as if any ache or pain that you have, if you call yourself a lightworker, can be called an ascension symptom. That is almost true, but true in the sense that a headache can be indicative of quite a wide variety of ailments.

What you are going through now, if you are indeed in this ‘wave’ of those who are preparing their bodies for what is to come, is an increasing of the body’s ability to hold and use the energies, the light. Part of this is the rising of the body’s energy called the kundalini. Part of this is actually the experience of physical changes necessary in the body itself. This can be rather uncomfortable, even painful.

If this is indeed what you are experiencing, we wish you to know that you are not going crazy, nor are you about to transition. We in no way wish you to interpret this as us telling you not to consult with your physicians. There are still going to be actual needs for medical treatment for other causes, and we do not want you to deny your body’s treatment where it is needed.

Know, however, that some of what you experience now may feel so intense that it might cause you to go into panic if you do not understand it. Before you panic, please attempt to ascertain the cause. Perhaps you will wish to read up on the types of things that we are talking about so that you are more prepared and less likely to go into fear around things that are actually happening for your benefit.

As a sub-text to this message, let us point out that you may take these occurrences as indications that you now have real evidence that something is happening. It has amazed us how so many have been able to deny this in the past. To us it has seemed undeniable. Something is happening. It is happening now. Know this.

Let us say one more thing however. If you have not noticed anything like we are speaking of, do not judge yourself as lacking. No two of you are the same. No two of you will experience the same things. Although you may have many similarities. Can you see yourself saying, “He is in pain. I want to be in pain, too!” We thought not. Just accept in gratitude what is your life in this moment. You are what you are, and that is perfect for the moment.

We honor who you are. Do no less for yourselves and those around you.

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