councilThe Council

We have been speaking to you as The Council for quite some time now. Many of you are fully and personally aware of who we are. You have had dreams, visions or meditations in which you have met with us. When you hear or read of the council chamber, boardroom, amphitheater, or other setting, you know immediately what is being discussed. And yet we know that quite a few still have questions regarding who and what we are. Today we shall take a slight detour from our usual message and explain this for you.
The council, as we term it here, is an assembly of those you variously term light beings, angels, guides, teachers, and other aspects of your selves who are in session to help you make decisions regarding your current incarnate lives. There is no one on your world, or any other, who does not have a council. There is no one who does not have access to their council. Your own Higher Self is has a seat on your council. This should not be surprising, since the council sits for your benefit. This is where your intuition comes from. This is the origin of the hunches, the nudges, the knowing.

When you sleep or meditate you often come to your council for information and guidance. You will never find that the council is not in session, and there is no information that you might ever need which is not available to you. Often there is information which is seen to have the potential to disturb your conscious mind which you do not remember upon awakening. That does not mean that you were not given the information and did not make use of it. There is, after all, quite a bit that your Self is aware of and your conscious mind is not… yet. But you will find, as your new year progresses, that many of you become more and more able to embody much more of what you call your Higher Selves.

This development is not new. It has been going on for some time. Many of you have become personally aware of this. You call it ascension. And as your body becomes more able to take on more of your being, you experience varying things that you call ascension symptoms. These are temporary and we would have you think of them as signposts of progress and not something to be wary of.

Now that you know who we are, we will revert to our normal theme in future messages. You will find that in this year the messages you receive will flow more and more into this theme from all sources. That is due to the time. It is time for you to finally become aware of who you are. It is time for you to embody, intentionally and consciously, more of the divine selves that you are. Ascension accelerates now. And so, since that is our purpose at this time, you will find that we speak of it often, if not always.

Enjoy the ride!


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