councilThe Council

We would speak with you on this day regarding several concepts that underlay our messages during this time. These will be familiar to many of you. They do, however, bear repeating. And it is also good for those who are aware of these things to remember that each and every day more of those around you are awakening and will need to begin remembering, will need reminding.

And why do we say reminding? That is because these are things which are very much an integral part of the masterful beings which you are, but which most of you were unable to take with you in your awareness when you were birthed into form. As you rise in frequency, you will become aware of these things, but we wish to aid you in doing so and thereby help the entire planetary consciousness in its journey. This is incrementally increasing in upward velocity day by day at this crucial time.

Some of these concepts are these. You are divine beings, masters who have agreed, indeed requested, that you be allowed the opportunity to be present at the time of this awakening. And as masters are exactly what was needed, you were granted this request. There were billions of slots to fill, many of which were not going to be comfortable in the slightest, and yet you did not shrink from the tasks. Your efforts are honored and appreciated, and the time will come when you know that. Also, know that there is nothing needed where you are that is not available to you. Each of you has had many, many lifetimes from which wisdom and experience, knowledge and ability, can be drawn.

We wish you all to know, also, that this council which is speaking to you now is always available to you when and if you request our help. That is and always has been our function and reason for being. Whatever your need is or may be, it is possible for us to fill. If the specific holder of the knowledge or experience necessary is not with us at the time of your request, they will be, and instantly. There is nothing, and we repeat, nothing that may be needed for this monumental task which will be withheld from you.

Also, please know that you are now accompanied, are in the company of, millions of others all across your planet who are receiving these same messages in whatever language they understand and in whatever images are compatible with their cultures. You are most definitely not alone.

falls7We spoke repeatedly over the last several years of a snowball effect. We used images of floods, tides, and avalanches. We know that many of you now are feeling the accuracy of these descriptions as the Great Change picks up pace now. Remain steadfast in your intent and focus a bit longer. You will not be disappointed. All that has been promised by you, to you, will be yours. We say ‘by you’ because you are a part of this council.

We will continue to impress upon you these reminders of what you have done and are doing. We do this so that you will begin to remember who you are, so that you will take heart and appreciate yourselves all the more. While your humility becomes you, your thinking less of yourselves does not. You are co-creators with the Source, the All-that-is, the I AM. Many of you understand this concept somewhat. Our goal is that you remember it in the very depths of your being. And what you are, the one next to you is, as well.

Many on this council have spent lifetimes where you are in order to bring these concepts to you. Many of you have done also. It is gratifying to see these ideas and ways of being begin to blossom so widely. We thank you. It is a joyous thing.

Good day.


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