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Let us have another conversation now about your finding the truth of who you are. You do tend to play your roles somewhat small, you know. And this hardly serves you nor the world you live in very well. We are not trying to inflate your egos. We simply want you to give yourselves credit for being capable of much more than you are doing.


Now, you quite often are told that you are this or you are that. You are told that you are the Christ consciousness or the Buddha mind at work in the world. True though that is, it does not seem to register with too many and that is a sad thing. You have been taught carefully that you are ‘only’ this or ‘just’ that, and you have absolutely bought into it. ‘Johnny never achieves his potential’ is written all over life’s report card.


There are many ways to begin uncovering that potential, but no one can achieve what does not seem possible for him or her. You must be able to see yourselves as you truly are. How can you do that? Again, there are many ways. But let us show you one that is very, very simple and easy to do. It is not as if the knowledge is hidden deep, deep in some well of unconsciousness and difficult to access. It is truly just below the surface of your knowing. It is hiding in plain sight, as you say.


Look in the mirror, not the glass thing hanging on your wall, the one that surrounds you every moment. Your entire surroundings are an out-picturing of your inner being. You have very likely heard that before, too. But what use is it?


Let us give you a way to use it very easily. You want to find out the wonderful, powerful, loving and caring person that you can be? Look at those around you with new eyes. Look at those you admire and love and value. See them. Really see them. Now, let us tell you why exactly they make you feel so good. They bring out in you qualities that you possess so that you can recognize them.


Work with that. We will help. Just make a beginning. This is the time when you are learning to embody SELF. Allow her, allow him, to surface and be accounted for here, where she/he is needed. It is your purpose for being here at this time.


Every day you ask us, “Why am I here? What should I be doing?” There is no mistake. There is no accident involved. You are where you need to be. You have everything you need. Just be all that you can be. Do what is before you. That will make possible more. Another step will appear. Another door will open. It may not seem miraculous. But then again, it may. You did not return to Earth in order to live someone else’s life. Live yours. And live it joyfully and well. You are the one who is needed where you are.


Good day.



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